Demo 2009




Released on cassette by

Re-released on 7" vinyl by


released January 1, 2009

Niels Amperse - vocals
Rudie van der Weij - guitar
Jonne Balster - bass
Franke Visser - guitar
Gerard Braaksma - drums

All music & lyrics by Cornered
Recorded by WD and Jan Switters



all rights reserved


CORNERED Leeuwarden, Netherlands

HC 4 HC SINCE 2009

Niels - vocals
Rudie - guitars
Joël - guitars
Daan - drums
Maurice - bass


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Track Name: Intro
hatred, lies, grinding teeth and angry eyes
it's nothing new to us, we're used to being despised
cornered, in the dark, buried in shit
it's gonna keep us going and we'll deal with it

cornered! fuck!
Track Name: You Wouldn't Last
I can't believe how fast people can change
how trust can be broken by the blink of an eye
I can't believe how the fuck this could happen
you used to be someone on who I could rely

at first we shared a bond
and we were fucking committed
times have changed
and now I'm left here wondering why

now you turn your back and deny your past
I knew from the beginning that you wouldn't last

times have changed and where the fuck are you now
just another memory of the past
everything you ever said means shit right now
I know from the beginning that you wouldn't last
Track Name: My War
I'm growing colder every day
life's creeping up like a fucking disease
I wander through life, question myself
but no one but myself's to blame

the going gets tough
I've gotta find a way to cope
another day in this fucking hell
and I'm losing all hope

this is as far as I can go
I can't take it anymore
this is as far as I can go
I'm tired of this fucking war

I'm tired of fighting myself in this fucking war

what's the point in life when you've got nothing to give
and everybody's out to take
what's the point in life to be sincere
when everything's so fucking fake
Track Name: Expendable Assets
whatever happened to fighting the norm
nothing's changed since the day I was born
pathetic little sheep mingle in with the crowd
followers with their heads in the clouds

expendable assets of society
stand in line, but don't you count on me

do what the man tells you what to do
feed him and feed him until you break through
"think for yourself and think for the best
or you'll go down just like the rest"

expendable assets of society
play the game, but don't you count on me

how can you look at yourself in the mirror
the lies building up, the truth's getting clearer
an excuse for a human being's all you see
an expendable asset's all you'll ever be
Track Name: Faith Of The Blind
nobody is safe

what makes you think your life is worth more than mine
living up to the rules won't save your sorry behind
we've been swallowing your bullshit for far too long
2000 years of lies, can't you see you're fucking wrong

and I don't know why you're so scared
if there was a god I'm sure he never cared

as you're following the rest of the fools
it's all you have in store
restricted by some fucking rules
as religion's got you nailed to the floor


jesus christ, faith of the blind
millions of lives have paid the price
await the end of mankind
the bible won't save you